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Suzanne Robinson

Suzanne Robinson

Suzanne Robinson studied Philosophy at the College of Charleston, graduating summa cum laude.  She then studied Law at the University of California Hastings College of the Law, where she focused on public interest law and served as the Associate Managing Editor of the Hastings Women’s Law Journal.  While in law school, she volunteered for the student-run General Assistance Advocacy Program, served as a Research Assistant, and won a grant to fund a summer internship at the Childcare Law Center in San Francisco.

 After completing her studies, she joined a small San Francisco civil rights firm where she worked primarily in the areas of education and employment.  Upon fulfilling her self-made promise to practice law for at least one year, she moved to the world of politics, staffing and managing several political campaigns, from presidential to city council.

She now lives in Germany with her husband, Daniel J. Murphy, PhD, who teaches and conducts cancer research at the University of Würzburg.  She is failing miserably at learning German, but, as her new friends are growing tired of her excuses, she promises to begin taking her duty to study the language seriously!  She is doing far better at sampling the many lovely German wines from vineyards around the country – many just a short distance from her front door.  

Besides reading and writing for this blog, she is in the very early stages of writing a book about African American politics from the time of the American Revolution through the Civil War era.  

Suzanne and Daniel have two lovely cats, Simone and Jean Paul.  They look forward to a trip to France, hopefully later this year!




Elizabeth Burke

Elizabeth Burke

Liz Burke is a NYC based actor and has been politically active since the impressionable age of 16.  She has worked on Gubernatorial and US Senate campaigns, Democratic conventions, and Presidential campaigns and Inaugurals.

She has also been involved in the planning of  very exciting non-political events such as the Paralympic and Olympic Games, World Cup Soccer Matches, the Super Bowl and other non-earth-shattering, but fun events and promotional tours across the country.  

Sometimes she forgets exactly what she has done and has to look at her resume to be reminded.  Because she has so much to say  – and not wanting to alienate all her friends with endless debates – she was thrilled to be asked to contribute to Perfecting our Union and the Clyde Fitch Report, where she writes a column entitled ‘Burke’s Law’ in the Pure Politics section.

Each week Liz will have something to say on Perfecting our Union.  She is so grateful for all these amazing readers and is astounded at how fast the site is growing.  She welcomes all comments, arguments, hate mail and love letters.

Let the games begin!



Coral Ruppert

Coral Ruppert

Coral Ruppert is a fantastically gifted poet.  She sends her thanks to E-Harmony, without whom her poem entitled Nomenclature, the first of many we hope she allows us to publish here, would not be possible.  








Katie Silberman

Katie Silberman

Katie Silberman  is a graduate of Brown University and the University of California Hastings College of the Law, where she was a Public Interest Law Scholar and the first Abascal Fellow.  She has worked for several public interest organizations, including the ACLU and the Center for Environmental Health.  A passionate advocate of environmental health and justice, Katie currently serves as the Associate Director of the Science and Environmental Health Network (www.sehn.org), a national non-profit organization.








1. Katie - February 3, 2009

Guttentag Rottendorf!

I am sitting on an island off the Gulf coast of florida, escaping midwestern snow on a chill business trip, so everything’s looking good from here!

Congrats on starting the blog – go get ’em in the blogosphere.


2. Sonja - February 11, 2009

There we go!
Good luck to you, Suzanne!!


3. Robert Voltaire - April 4, 2009

I can’t get enough of Ms. Burke’s writings.

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