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Nomenclature (by Coral Ruppert) March 27, 2009

Posted by Suzanne Robinson in love, poetry.
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for Scott

The sum of


in my mouth

I find impossible.

Your greatness

does not belong

to any word.


Now, us

this naming of you and me

that in spite of faith or fear

will evolve or dissolve

without us.


Before you, 
the us, 
was me, plus one, 
in mere intercourse.


Now I find 
this common pronoun





You tease me

with substitution:
“How about… you and I…”

Confuse me 
with avoidance:
“That would be fun for… two people.”

Deny me
with contractions:
“Let’s go there next time.”


I have to ignore my education

which tells me

this rediscovery

in simple pronouns

must be cliche,

too easy to conjure, 

not so different

from “love” or “boyfriend” or even

that common name of yours.


Besides, to Google for poems

about the significance of “us”

would turn up millions…

Who has the time,

for such self sabotage?


There is little in this world

to be made new again.

Naming begins


lets comparison, 

lets regimen,

lets ownership, 

all those evils in. 


Let us remove

how we arrived here.

Let us be anonymous.

Let us remain 

this free-form

stream of


me with you,

aimless, and




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